The (in)courage Podcast

Replay Week: Empowered to be Known

March 10, 2023 (in)courage
The (in)courage Podcast
Replay Week: Empowered to be Known
Show Notes

The (in)courage podcast is taking a brief hiatus from new episodes this week as we do some maintenance and updating behind the scenes! We'll return to new daily episodes next week, starting March 13th. In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy five episodes from our podcast archives!

Today's replay is from April 2022. It's an excerpt from our book Empowered: More of Him for All of You, written by Anna E. Rendell.
The Creator of the universe thinks of us nonstop, knows every single intricate detail about us, and yet adores us. God doesn’t just see the best, prettiest, and most presentable portions of our selves. God also sees every deep, dark, ugly, secret part, and still He chooses to love us.

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